WK3 Exploration: Digging Deeper With Diigo

The first article is called “The Whys And The Hows of Textures In Web Design”. I picked this article by the tittle because I have always had trouble with textures when it comes to designing, either a business card or a website. Basically I always struggled with designing. I learned that textures can help grab the audiences’ attention with a call to action, it is very important to grab the audiences’ attention at the first sight because audiences then will decide whether they would want to keep looking through the content or not. By having stood out textures such as tittles, headings, icons and buttons, it immediately draws the eye to the information, this is the easiest and fastest way to separate key branding elements. Textures can also be a guide. It helps organized and separate information into logical sections so the audiences know exactly where to start and end so it helps the audiences process the content accurately. Last but not least, textures build an atmosphere and bolstering identity. Without textures, a website will look dull and plain, it will not bring the creator’s personality, the website can still be a website but it will be missing the most important part, bring live to the website. By reading this article, I will definitely pay more attention on not just the design for my portfolio website but also the textures for my website, picking the textures for my portfolio is very important because I will want the audiences to see my personality throughout the website.

“Tips for Creating a Great Personal Online Portfolio” is very helpful. I am those kind of people who will look through all the templates and struggling between a lot of good designs, but at the end I will still be left with an average website with average portfolio content. I learned that it is very important to know the purpose when creating a website, what exactly am I aiming and who am I aiming to. After finding the purpose, I shouldn’t rush to create the website, instead sketching is a very important step before creating an actual online portfolio website. I did not know I have to time myself when I’m sketching, but now I learned that I should time myself and sketch out anything that comes to mind in the beginning and then for the next 20 minutes, it is necessary not end this process, keep pushing out more ideas. Be sure to keep in mind what are the most important elements that I would want to show to the world, make sure to be clean and clear about what I’m delivering, make choices among all the key components, it’s good to highlight key points but highlight strengths is better than overall experience. For my own portfolio website, I will be sure to sketch before I do anything to the templates or create my own website. Unlike my past few websites I designed, I will now be highlighting the most important components that I wanted it to stand out instead of highlighting almost everything and nothing seems to be the attracting information.

Picking web fonts is the most frustrating process for me when I’m designing a website. I am very bad at picking fonts matching with another type of fonts, which is why “10 Dazzling Web Font Combinations” is extremely useful for me. This article saved up a lot of time for me when I create my website, it tells me which font combines well with which font, sometimes I even use the same font for the heading as well as for the body paragraph. After reading “10 Dazzling Web Font Combinations” I realized that using different font for heading and body will look more interesting and refreshing to the audiences. The article provides font combinations for web standard type, fashion type, old-style classic type, basic software set-up type, etc. This is just an amazing article that will help designers when they design their website, it will definitely be a useful helper when I design my portfolio website. Now I learned to use different fonts for my heading and body to make it look more unique instead of dull font type throughout the entire website.

“The Whys And The Hows of Textures In Web Design”

“Tips for Creating a Great Personal Online Portfolio”

“10 Dazzling Web Fonts Combinations”

My recommendation

Title – “The Hard Truth About Web Design”

URL – http://webdesignfromscratch.com/basics/hard-truth-web-design/

I recommend this article because it tells a few facts that some people might not like to listen but I think the author is right about all of them. A lot of people think that how the website looks is what matters the most, but if a website looks very cute but doesn’t have any real measurable impact on the audiences, it fails. Ben the author might sound pretty offensive but thinking about it deeper, it’s true that nowadays we might have forgot the main purpose of a website, it is not to surprise the readers visually but the content should be the key components. Ben also talks about a few strong mistakes that creators should avoid while creating website. I strongly recommend this article because it reminds me not to pay all my attention on the visual design for the website but the content contained in it.


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