WK2 Project: Site Launch

NO’OWIE website

This week is to create a website for a fictitious client No’Owie.

Up until now I was able to meet all the provisions outlined in my proposal. The wireframe was not exactly the same as I outlined last week but it still is what I imagined and I was proud of what I did. The only small problem I had is that I was suppose to create more than one website to make sure my “change language” works but I did not have enough time to do such big amounts of work.

The final website was still a bit different that what I had in mind because the color theme I had for the website was not exactly the same as I wanted. I had a bit of trouble trying to match colors and re-designing the whole website to the way I wanted.

Overall this project is pretty challenging for me. This is my first time actually creating a real website that all links has to work and I put a lot of effort in it. but the most challenging part for this project is designing the website visually, I wanted to put all the colors I wanted but it’s really to try to match colors since I am not really a visual person.

If I had more time, I would want to work more on the visual parts for the website. I still feel like the design for the website is not exactly what I was going for and I would like to work deeper on it.


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