WK2 Analysis: Site Launch Feedback

What struck me the most is that how much effect can a website bring to the audiences depending on their design. For No’Owie website, my impression is that the website looks very clear, even though I was going to design my website for No’Owie more colorful, but after looking at the first No’Owie website, it still looks very professional even with non bright colors. The image in the middle of the website caught my attention right away, the older couples smiling in the picture matches the website theme very well, telling the audiences that No’Owie provides professional helps to the elders. But with a physical professional layout doesn’t make it a perfect website, contents were not organized and the sizes for the fonts are very messy, some are really big and some are just too small to read.

As for the Holy Magdalena cupcake website, some websites will still look professional even though they have a clean layout for it but for the Holy Magdalena website, it was too plain and clean for a cupcake website and theme was completely out of track, it hasn’t nothing to do with cupcakes and the layouts for either logo and contents are not in where they should be on the website. Organization is very important for the website and as for Jonathan’s assignment, I was losing my interest of looking through his website.

When I work on my website, I will look out for mistakes like long paragraphs of contents, not organizing my information or images for my website and last but not least the consistency for my website. Long paragraphs can be boring for the audiences and I will be sure to not include unnecessary information on the website. Layout for the website is extremely important, I would want to catch audiences’ attention right away when they go on my website so I make sure the theme matches what I’m doing and of course, the consistency for my website, I will make sure not to jump all over my website making fonts sizes differently and placing information at the area where they shouldn’t be.

I will need to spend more time researching about elderly people needing in-home care and what kind of situation usually happens to the elder when they are home alone so I will know what kind of necessary information I would want to contain on my website for both the patients and the patients’ family members.

This feedback video is extremely helpful to me. I did not know how a website is designed can have such a big effect on the audiences. I will definitely be working on the consistency for my website, double checking the layout for my contents and images, seeing if they are placed somewhere they shouldn’t be.


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