WK1 Project: Proposal, Site Map, and Wireframe

WK1 Project: Proposal, Site Map, and Wireframe

Web Site Goals & Objective

No’Owie Bandage Removal Service needs a website specifically targeting the elderly patients as well as the patients’ families and the caregivers. A web-based content management system (CMS) will be the best fit for No’Owie website, the website will contain basic services information for audiences as well as the contact information for No’Owie. Due to the age range for No’Owie’s target audiences, the website will not be too complicated, it will stay simple but testimonials will be the main components to grab audiences’ emotional attention. By using a CMS, it increases the search engine as well as the Internet marketing, which is fairly important for No’Owie to grab as much attention from their target audiences as they can online. Updating information would take too much time and it can be easily accomplished in a short period of time.

Specific Strategy Recommendations

  • Website should be designed with more bright colors and non-standard fonts even thought it’s an in-home care services. Bright colors would catches the audiences’ attentions more easily and non-standard fonts will not make the content on the website boring and dull.
  • Testimonials should be the most important section posted obviously on the home page. Patients would want guarantee when they are seeking for medical cares for them or their family members, testimonials will give audiences the confident to believe that No’Owie is a credible, trusted resources.
  • No long contents should be shown. More visual information like images, videos or slogan should be on the website. Audiences tend to reply more on visual information than long content.
  • Other than building a website, flyers and brochures can also be created since the target audiences are mostly elderly community. Official website link and contact information will be on the flyers or brochures to highlight it out for the readers so in that way, No’Owie will still gain clients even they are the elderly community.
  • Repeating words throughout the website can help clients feel connected and be able to receive the message No’Owie is trying to deliver. For example, using the care will have an emotional impact on the audiences because they will feel they will be taken care of and No’Owie is a reliable and trustworthy resource.
  • Having blogs is a good way to let audiences know the stories between every patients and No’Owie.
  • Development of core pages and functionality:
    • Home – logo, slogan, phone number, videos, basic information about what No’Owie is and what kind of service they apply, below allows languages change, connect with other social media platform
    • About – which locations No’Owie provide services, No’Owie staff members, No’Owie history
    • Services – what kind of services does No’Owie provide
    • Contact Us – phone number, time schedule, online form to fill in information to sign up for in-home care services
    • Blog – blogs about the story between patients and No’Owie
    • You Need to Know – other resources for patients to look at if they did not have any in-home care services at home and does not want their elder family members to get hurt

Work Estimate

Estimated Design and Administrative Time: 55-60 hours
Estimated Cost: $2000-$2800

Delivery Time

I estimate 6 weeks development time to put together all information and build a website. This estimate time is based on the assumption that any information, clarification or payment requested is addressed in a timely manner.

Site Administration/Maintenance

Hosting and site administration will be run through Squarespace.com (CMS platform) at a cost of approximately $16/mo

2-3 hours of training will be provided to Duarte staff on how to update the site from within the new CMS structure

Updates/features requested outside the scope of this proposal will be subject to an hourly rate of $50/hr with a ½ hour minimum

Next Step

In order to get started, I’d need:

  • Credit card # on file with Squarespace
  • Information about where your domain is registered and where the current site is hosted
  • Information about how your email is administered
  • A deposit equal to ½ the estimated cost of the web site project – $1050


  • Deposit – A deposit, equal to one half the project estimate, is due upon acceptance of the proposal
  • Postponed, Delayed or Abandoned Projects – All projects postponed, delayed or abandoned by the client for 30 days or more will be invoiced for work completed to date.
  • Cancellation Fee – All project contracts and service agreements are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the deposit amount, plus any additional expenses incurred.
  • Why charge a cancellation fee – A cancellation fee insures that I am paid for all work completed up to the time a client decides they are not going to continue. A client may cancel for any number of reasons, perhaps because they’ve decided not to pursue their project due to budget, timing or change of focus. Clients may also choose discontinue service because they unhappy with initial designs. Whatever the reason, a cancellation fee is designed to cover my billable time and tangible expenses.


Payment is kindly appreciated within 7 days of invoice date.

No’Owie Site Map

WK1 Project - Site Map.001

No’Owie Wireframe

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.30.11 PM


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