Web Design WK1 Exploration

WK1 Exploration: Mapping the Modern Web Design Process 

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.32.59 PM

  • How do you envision working with the web in your chosen career?

My dream career is to be an event planner in the future, in the beginning I always thought that being an event planner doesn’t not involve a lot of technical media tools but after attending Full Sail and watching a lot of Lynda tutorial videos, I understand that even though as an event planner, the first thing to be an event planner is to build a official website showing what event planning is about and who I am targeting. Clients should be able to see my works in order to know what I can do for them that is why having a web is pretty important and not just an ordinary web but a web that is attracting enough.

  • Identify 3 points of interest from the lesson – What would you like to know more about?

The first thing that caught my attention is the Roles and Responsibilities, project managing is the key to be a successful event planner and even before creating a web, it is very important to identify all the roles and responsibilities that is involved, it’s pretty interesting to me that even thought one person can do all the tasks but it’s still better to divide the tasks to others, having another pair of eyes to look at the project is a very smart way to create better quality works.

Information Architecture is what I am very interested in as well, I am not very sensitive with dealing colors or designing and after watching this Lynda video I noticed that the fonts, colors, organizations are the key to catch the audiences’ attention. Nowadays audiences rely more on visual information more than just boring written text, learning how to organize and label different components on a website can be the key to get more viewers.

Art Direaction: Responsive images and graphics is a component that can be not missed when designing a web. This is decides where the website will be just an ordinary and dull website or a website that catches audiences’ attention with reasonable graphics and images. One thing to watch out is that images need to fit on different devices displaying on different screens, it is necessary to test and crop the image to specific size.

  • How will you approach your fictitious web project differently as a result of this lesson – Why?

This video help me look back at what I designed before and realized that I made a huge mistake. While I was designing, I tend to fall into the area where I decide what to put on there and what I like instead of standing at the audiences’ perspective and think about what the audiences need and what they want. I also learned that the content on the web is not the only important component, every little details matters, the fonts, colors, organizations, little details made up a good website. The last thing I learned is that testing is a very important process as well, I should be stand as a audiences’ perspective testing the web.

  • What questions would you like to be able ask your fictitious clients?

1. Why not expand your career to at least 2-3 nurses to help you out due to busy schedules?

2. Do you accept patients that need to you take care them overnight?

3. Do you want your website to target the patients or the patients’ family members?

4. Will you also charge the same amount for the patients that only wanted company as the patients that actually needed medical cares?


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