DAA – Week 4 Peer Review

Hi Kate, I really like your video since last month in Rene’s Video Editing class, I thought your video was great and the beautiful background music and the scenes of your mom was very sweet but obviously the post production video you had right now was much more better with all the sound effects that you added into your video. After watching your post production video and discussing with Andrea in class, the following is what we think bout your video. I think that the starting scene took a bit too long to come in, the video does not have to start at the same time as your background music but I think it should at least start fading in after 3 seconds, your video started after 5 seconds which is kind of too long. I love the sound effects of you walking through the grass and the breathing sound of May, it sounded very real and matches your video perfectly but it would be better to bring up the volume for your sound effects because I could barely hear it the first few times I was watching it. The best sound effect that I love the most was the one for your water scene, the sound of the water sounded very real and matching with the background music, it makes me feel very comfortable and calm. For your DIA, both me and Andrea think that you should mess with the EQ a bit the pitch it up a little bit and make the audio come out more in the video but I really like what you were saying in the video when you were holding your mom’s hand, it’s very sweet and it matches your background music as well as your video theme. I personally still think that you should add some sound effect when you had a close shot of your mom because her lips were moving which means she was talking but I don’t think you have add a DIA of her for that part, I see that she was smiling at first so maybe you should think about adding a little giggling sound there but you don’t add anything there, it’s still fine because all the other sound effects matches your video very well already. Overall, we really like your video because the background represents you perfectly and we can get the message of how much you love your dog May and your mom through your post production video. When I was doing my post production video, I went on FreeSFX to download a lot of sound effects from there, you could also go on there to see if you could find some helpful sound effects there for your own video.


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