WK4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback


 I really love your Portrait video, throughout your project, what stuck me most about your video was the way you film your footages, the first scene that you shot with the sunlight coming down through the leaves and those scenes shooting your mom, it made me want to revisit my own video by changing the way I film and changing the location of where I film. I did not have a lot of pan and tilt in my videos so I will definitely make more of that changes to my future project. I personally really love the scene when your mom’s hair is flying in the air, it’s beautiful. Your video included all the things that are important to you, it’s very obvious by watching your video because your all your footage delivered a very clear message to the audiences. I also really like your background music, it’s very calm and very conformable, it matches the video theme very well. In my opinion, I think you should add a few more scenes about you and your mom, you have one scene holding your mom’s hand but a few more scenes about yourself or you and May, even more scenes about you and your mom would make the video more sweet and lovely. The bridge at the beginning is a bit long, my suggestion is to cut it just 1-2 seconds shorter. At the end, after the last scene was over, the time between the last scene and your logo is a bit too long. Overall, I really love your video, it’s beautiful and reminds of my own family especially my mom. I watched it a lot of times trying to find things that you could improve but I had trouble doing that because your video is at a perfect pace and every scene is well organized one after another, your video express all the things in your life with just a few normal scenes in your daily life.


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