Analysis: Stock Imagery

People might not be familiar with the term “stock imagery”, but have you use any stock pictures for your projects? Have you ever go on Google and grab Google pictures and use it for you for assignments or design? If you do, then you have come in contact with stock imagery. People used to hire professional photographers to take pictures for them for their needs but nowadays, people can just go online and download free stock photos.

Since now there are a lot of free stock images online, it makes it a lot more convenience for a lot of people to just go online and download whatever they need for their projects. Who wouldn’t want to get their photos for free from the Internet? That is why nowadays people simply just go online and find pictures to support their assignments like presentations, articles or even their personal blog. A good stock image can help the author express their words and expression in just one simple picture.

As for professional media projects, it saves both time and money if they use stock photographs for their campaign. Most of the time, it cost a lot lesser to download stock photographs then hiring a professional photographers to take the images needed. Using stock photograph is easier and quicker.

Stock photographs are often professional because they are shot by professional photographers so when using stock photographs for professional media projects, the result will come out way more professional than using random pictures online. When customers see more professional works they are more likely to believe in their work and would be happy to be their clients.

For such useful tools online there must be a disadvantage at the same time. Since anyone can download any stock photographs online, you will never know who already used the photographs you picked and used it for their projects, for professional media projects, if you didn’t use original photographs for the projects, it will just ended up being another online users who use the same photographs again. For professional media projects, the impact you wish to bring to the audiences will be lost if audiences have already seen the same photographs somewhere else.

What makes each professional media project special is the idea behind the project. If you look through too much stock photographs trying to find the perfect photographs to fit the project then there is no strong original ideas for the projects that is why nowadays when audiences look at a lot of advertisements, they will feel like some part of their campaign might look similar to other company’s design. Original ideas are what makes projects unique comparing to others, you would always want to surprise audiences and catches their attention right away with your design, if stock photographs are used too much, professional designer will lose their ability to come up with their own great ideas and projects will come out boring.


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