Portfolio Subject Selection
The subject for my portfolio is a Chinese restaurant called Noodles and Rice located in the Colonial Town District of Orlando. I accidentally saw it on the way while I was meeting my professor for my portfolio project months ago, so I went there for lunch with a few friends later. Noodles and Rice is a typically Chinese restaurant with very good service and reasonable price, what caught my attention is that this restaurant also have hot pot. Hot pot is a very popular and traditional dish in China, there are hot pot restaurant everywhere in China. Even though I grew up in Canada but whenever I have a chance to visit China, hot pot is always the thing that I will have. Unfortunately, when I was at Noodles and Rice, there was barely anyone trying the hot pot, a lot foreigners still goes there but only for ordinary simple asian foods. I’m Chinese so I know very well about the hot pot, I truly hoped that our Chinese culture could be spread around the world so I wanted to do something for my country’s business abroad. First of all, I need to do a lot of research on the Chinese restaurant and see if they have been trying to promote hot pot through media, then I have to to plan my project of helping them promote Chinese culture after all the necessary research. Because it has to do with advertising, it includes public relations, my purpose of this project is to spread Chinese culture outside of China and letting foreigners know Chinese hot pot is something interesting and worth trying so my main target audiences are the people who currently lives in Orlando. Noodles and Rice does not have a specific logo or symbol, but the decorations of the whole restaurant is more likely to be brown and most materials are made of woods. The greatest social media needs for Noodles and Rice is that they should spread their information more online especially informations about hot pot, I found out that they actually have their own Facebook page but only little information were shown on Facebook. Instagram will definitely will a great social tool especially for a restaurant, all they need to do is to post pictures of all the foods and hot pot on Instagram, it is very connivence and catches the audiences’ attentions quickly.

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