Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback

Hi Kate I enjoyed watching your Digital Story video, now I have a basic understanding of what you background story is behind the MCBS program. Your digital story relates to me because I was struggling at the beginning as well not knowing what to do with my future, did not know what I wanted to do and what I am passion about at the same time we also have one similarity together which is both of us likes to connect with people around the world that is also the main reason why we both chose media and communications as the program we wanted to study in and learn from it, It made me want to revisit my own story because I realized that I did not really talked about why I wanted to go to Full Sail for the MCBS program because I connection is why I am trying to achieve in the following years. Your slides connects very well of what you were explaining about your digital story but there is one thing is that between a few slides, there was a pause that is a bit too long so I suggested cutting the audio that is empty to save some time so there won’t be time that there is no slides and no sounds at all. Other than that, the video is well putted together overall.


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