AET Week 4 Peer Review



Hi James, your ads is very effective because it delivers a strong message to the audiences reminding them not to forget about the American soldiers. Your ads contains serval close related elements to your topic and that made me want to revisit my own design because I did not put much elements that is related to my design and I should’ve put in more elements so viewers would know better what is the message that I was trying to deliver. The theme color was very well done as well, black and white is the two colors that delivers sadness for all information, black and white is definitely a good choice for your design. When I first look at the design I had trouble understanding the ads without reading the description, I suggest putting a open flag so that viewers could easily tell what flag that is and as for the text, I had trouble reading it as well, it took me a while to understand that the text says “NOT FORGOTTEN” instead of “NOT FOR GOT TEN”, I think it well better if the word “forgotten” not to be separated. The solider in the middle was a little confusing as well, I could not tell what exactly the solider was doing and not sure if he is still alive or dead. I like you ads overall because it is a very interesting and important topic and all the elements and colors are well connected to your main idea of the design.


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