Week 3 Project: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices Challenge

For this project we used one of the most important things for people today, cellphones. The challenge was to produce a digital story with Applications for mobile phones and iPad, without the use of computers. We use the iPhone camera to capture photos of Angie and her passion, drag racing, also recorded videos of her on the track with her old car.

As the goal was to raise funds for a new car, Camtasia was used to record how the Go Fund me site works on a cellphone, accompanied by a voice over explaining the process. To record Angie’s voice over talking about her passion the Voice Memos appwas used. To create the video the best option to blend things was iMovie on an iPad because it was easier than on a mobile app.

To achieve this project we were in constant communication through Emails and Whatsapp, this helped the video to have consistency and the perspective everyone wanted.

For this week’s project, my role in the team was media strategist, I’m in charged of making sure which online  media tool would be a better option for our project to be published so that it would attract more views and audiences. I was very surprised at the beginning when I found out that we had to complete the project on a mobile device and we are not allow to use our macbook, this might be the biggest challenge for this project, it is really hard to complete a full project just with the phone. I am very proud of my group members, they are all very responsible and I learned something new from other group members, this project was indeed a challenge but by working together and helping each other, we were able to complete this project.


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