Week 3 Analysis: Businesses & Audiovisual Media

Full Sail Video
The Full Sail video is used as a recruitment tool by persuading the viewers that it is worth to take part in Full Sail and become one of Full Sail’s students later on in the future, they showed a few scenes about full sail campus including the studying environments in Full Sail and also the type of education that they are providing on campus. The LaunchBox in the video is what Full Sail uses to attract more people wanting to join the register for Full Sail, LaunchBox is basically with cooperating with Apple by providing students with Apple technology and train students into professionals by helping them get to know and have to ability to use the Apple technology well.
Dollar Shave Club Video 
Dollar Shave Club continues to use their own humor way of advertising for this advertisement, they came up with a new product called “One Wipe Charlies”, this product has its own target audiences which are men. The video showed a few scene of men having a hard time after number 2, this video mainly uses a few stories that has a connection with their new products and with the humor theme for the whole ads, nowadays people pay more attention to the advertisements that are more interesting and hun instead of the boring and traditional ads, with wrapping up all the different small stories, Dollar Shave Club can now easily post it online or shared it through other media tools to promote its one and only special products.
Science World Video 
Comparing to the Full Sail video and the Dollar Shave Club video, the Science World video is more traditional and simple, with a very ordinary way of editing a video by putting joyful music as a background picture so viewers would have the interest of keep watching the video and the scenes are basically family having a great time visiting the museum so it is very clear that the Science World’s purpose is mainly to families coming to visit the museum and have a great time through it.

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