Week 2 Analysis: Businesses & The Visual Web

Full Sail University on Pinterest 

Information are organized into different categories so that readers will be able to easily find what they are looking for understand different columns. Each sections have their own specific topics and under the album, there will be pictures and texts about specific topics, in that way, readers can easily understand the message full sail was trying to tell. There are sections like “foods near full sail”, “campus”, “housing”, and also “degree program” as well as for “dream guests”, these content brings everyone together who was reading the information because with all these benefits around full sail, it will definitely support the full sail brand. Full Sail also provided columns like “student works” to show readers what current students has been working on and what achievements have they done in full sail, for those people who have the same dream will be attracted and wanted to join the team and be part of the full sail family. Communications is also the best way to reach out for more audiences, allowing readers to comment and post their opinions or talk to current students in full sail is one good way to engage more future students.

Dollar Shave Club on Instagram 

Dollar Shave Club continues their humor way of advertising on Instagram and they attracted a lot of followers. All their post on Instagram is about their products, they made it very clear that their purpose is to promote their products but at the same time they did not forget to entertain either audiences and consumers. Dollar Shave Club kept their own funny way of advertising their products since the beginning and everyone loves funny things, they used this as their key to sell their products and it made huge success. Everything they posted is related to their products of course, they explained how their products should be used and why people should use their products, these are all presented in a humor way and makes audiences wonder what is the next product they are going to sell and what funny things they are going to come up with. A public account make sure everyone could see the Instagram page and Dollar Shave Club offers free shirt to people who participate and posted their pictures about Dollar Shave Club’s products, this is a great to communicate with consumers and to attract more people to want to take part in the action.

Science World on Facebook

I personally followed a science page on Facebook, science is full of mystery and my first impression on Science World on Facebook is that the page is very simple, it does not contain any fancy covers, the main purpose of a science page on Facebook is to teach people about the science world. It has all the information it needs to talk about science. I realized that most people viewing the Science World on Facebook is mostly teenagers, teenagers tends to have to passion about science and are more willing to learn new knowledges about the world. while they are trying to teach audiences about science, they did not forget to include the fun part at the same time so readers won’t get bored reading boring information about science. Science World also provided little games for views to participate and this is a good way to attract more audiences because everyone enjoys a fun little games online, they also posted a lot of fun videos online for audiences to view and finding new and interesting things is also a little surprise to readers.


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