Week 1 Project: My MCBS Story

Before I started the MCBS Program, I wasn’t sure about my own future, I did not know what exactly I should do in the future, but I knew one thing, I wanted to be inspire, I wanted to be able to create my own work and last but not least, I will be able to pursue my dream. After attending high school, “student council” changed my life, I have found what I wanted to do and what I love to do in my life, event planning, I wanted to be able to create and come up with my own work later on the future and can publish it to the world, this is how I started my dream, the path to media and communications industry. I looked up all kinds of university for the program I wanted to study in and Full Sail University popped up and destiny brought me here to Full Sail. The MCBS Program provides all the knowledges that I wanted to learn and know about the media and communications industry, this is only the beginning of my dream and I believed with a bit more times in Full Sail, I would be able to accomplish my goal that I set for myself in the beginning.

I read through a few classmate’s MCBS Program, their stories inspired me a lot, letting me know that I am not the only who has a dream and I am not the only one who is willing to work hard to achieve their goals. I will definitely work harder and I have to overcome myself at my weakness otherwise I would never be successful. Since everyone has a different dream but luckily we are all in the same media and communications program so I do hope that one day all of us will be able work together and be successful in the media and communications industry.

This picture is when I worked in the student council back in high school and I was in charged of holding an event for the school, everything came up successfully and I was asked to go up the stage and give a speech about the things I’ve been working on for the school, I was really honored to be up there, even though every event took me months to prepare but I was always satisfied at the end when the result came out good. I not only want to thank to the people that worked with me but also everyone else who supported me to go after my dream. To become a successful event planner is what I’m living for right now.



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