Week 1 Analysis: Businesses & Blogs

First of all, I find all three blogs easy to follow through and they organized the information in a very interesting ways so that the readers won’t get bored while reading it. Full Sail Blog mainly talks about up-coming events in Full Sail and stories about how successful success has a lot of full sail students accomplished using their knowledge from full sail and with their own creativity, some wonderful works has been published and letting the people see their success. DCS Blog is very interesting because the first thing when I clicked on the website, it brought me to a interesting page with funny images and interesting topics, and the bright cartoon colors catches my attention to the blog right away, makes me want to keep reading about the interesting facts about science. Last but not least, Science World Blog is a very simple website explaining the world of science, the background of the website is white, which makes the readers feel very calm and want to take some time to read through articles about science.

The DSC Blog and Science World Blog is similar to each other because both blogs involves business in their blog, their purpose is to promote their product through their blogs to attract not only more readers but also more consumers. Their blogs are broken down into categories so that it is easier for readers to find exactly what they are looking for, as for Full Sail Blog, it is mainly about a educational blog, showing information about campus life, the programs that are available in Full Sail and also all different up-coming fun events taken place on campus.

Both DSC Blog and Full Sail Blog uses darker colors for their blog, darker colors tends to make readers think about the information that are useful in their blog, DSC Blog and Full Sail Blog are trying to persuade readers to either buy their products like the DSC Blog or trying to convince readers to join their program. Science World Blog does not have a strong purpose for its blog but only wanted readers to know more about the science world and interesting fun facts about the world.

The similarity between Full Sail Blog and Science World Blog is that both blogs are related to education, Full Sail Blog is trying to convince readers to join their program by performing all the special events in the school and Science World Blog’s interesting facts about science is another way of learning new knowledges to everyone.

Science World Blog is unique first with the background color, it did not use any fancy color to impress readers instead, it uses mostly white as its main color, the color white is pure and makes people calm so they would want to keep reading all the information on the blog. The blog also provides any readers that would like to be a member, this is the best way to make audiences feel like they are part of it and more attention will be drawn.

Full Sail Blog is a very unique blog because the set up for the blog makes Full Sail looks more professional than other normal universities and especially the way of education provided in full sail is the most special things about full sail. All the activities and articles provided on the blog grabs audiences’ attention and by that, students who does not go to full sail would want to have a chance to visit full sail or even have the chance to study there, as for students in full sail, Full Sail Blog definitely attracts them to get involve in more school activities and events.

DSC Blog did not used traditional ways of advertising their products to their audiences, all their advertisements are performed in a funny way and funny things are often more interesting than serious advertisements. DSC Blog not only try to promote their products on on their blog but at the same time, they are trying to provide interesting and funny facts to the audiences so not only the audiences would buy their product but also learn something new and interesting from their blog.


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