Week 1 Practice: Start a Blog & Tell a Story

Before I started the MCBS Program, I used to thought that I wanted to be a lawyer because I love to talk and I am also very interested in the laws, so I thought that was what I would want to do later on in the future but then after going to high school and I had a chance to work in the student council I realized that an event planner is more of what I wanted to do, I love coming up with all kinds of activities, I have a huge passion for the student council in school every year, I remind myself everyday about my dream of becoming a successful event planner so I started looking for the perfect university and then I found Full Sail-the MCBS Program. I knew event planning was definitely what I wanted to do in the future because every event planning takes a long period of time and I had to gave up not only eating time but also my sleeping time but I never complain about it, instead I had a lot of fun, the outcome of a successful events is great but I enjoy the progress of the events as well. The MCBS Program provides special education and all my professor often provides us real world experiences at the same time so I had more chances to experience the media and communications world and ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media I feel like I am now more connected to the people around me and also more connected to the world knowing what is happening around the world and how media is influencing the world nowadays.


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